Inhumane megacities – Is human being acting like insects?

We should never forget our bond to the nature

Human being was at the beginning an animal like all the others, the sole difference was he owns a brain and a soul! And that makes all the difference! He used to live within small clans, in a nomad or gregarious way of living and always in contact with the nature. Nature was at the same time wild and dangerous but she has provided to the human kind everything he needed!

Yes of course, we have traces of big cities / capitales since millenaries but the nature was not really far and people used to live for their own as peasant, tradespeople or artisan.

And then, in the 19th century came the first industrial revolution with the first factories that needed to concentrate in one place a lot of workforces!

This is the day where humanity lost his bond with the nature. At that time, human kind made a big jump forward, building factories to provide goods to the people.

It was the beginning of the consumer society characterized by the time of mining, production lines, working class estates, public transportations and so many “new” things supposed to liberate the Humanity from its dependence to the nature.

A new era has arrived!

Now the humans are used to live in cities or megacities! Everything has been made to make these megacities the center of life for millions of people, a convergence point of all activities that humans have invented and created. Like a black hole! Everything is focused and organized to provide to the cities everything they need! And you know what? It works!

Cars and moto swarn in the streets of Bangkok at Traffic jam time, like Georges Orwell's 1984 bookSo, we all are living now in megacities where you can find everything to live or to get entertained. You can buy everything you want and you’re part of the collective work that makes it happen! 

Have you once imagined that this system already exists since before the humans are humans?

Insects swarms… bees, termites, ants… they all live in swarms… they act like a huge group with a collective thinking and a same goal.

That’s how look our cities now!

Just take a break for few minutes in the middle of a crowded street and observe… look around you… look how people act like water streams… Don’t ever try to go against the tide, you can’t!

You have to act as everyone! You’re not a human anymore with his own thinking and existence. You’re part of the swarm with its rules for your own good!

Georges Orwell – 1984

You remember this great book “1984″ by Georges Orwell? Well, today I give you “1984”. One megacity, its rules and the end of your own thinking!

Do you own a iPhone or iPad? Sorry for you… they’ve also invented the tools to control your mind and track your activities! You have the same tool as billions of people around the world… Diversity almost doesn’t exist anymore in the nature, but now, it doesn’t exist anymore too in the human kind!

Brrrrr…. I hate my post today! Hurry, let me go back to my smartphone, it’s not good to try to escape the swarm! And I shouldn’t forget that without cities, there is no Street Photography

Argh…. I love cities! Please let me in!! 🙂

9 Comments on Inhumane megacities – Is human being acting like insects?

  1. This is very good, before reading this I had ovelooked the comparison with insect societies. Thank you Guilhem.

  2. good point, no cities, no street photography. but yes, i so hate the buzz of citylife sometimes!

  3. Reblogged this on E.R.E.S. and commented:
    Joindre voyage et photographie.

  4. Good read my friend☺👍

  5. So true! and if you enter MBK on Week end, it is even worse 😛 Funny, I am like you, I tend to find city oppressing, but in the same time they are so inspiring, and after a week in the countryside, I am in dire need of some polluted crowd fix:P

    • Oh thank you Estelea!! I’m not the only crazy to think this way!
      So I guess you live in BKK! You know, I love this city! It’s so quiet compared to Paris! Even pollution seems to be less intense!
      Thank you for stopping by here, I’m going now to have a look at your blog! 🙂

    • Lived in BKK for the last 3 years, before our new posting in the Philippines. You have it all there, the city, the food, the smiles and even a few drops of good wine 😉

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