Desertic road – Behind the scene of my last award winning artworks

Is it really that easy to take great landscape photographs?

Today Photography 101’s assignment is about “Landscapes“.

Landscapes are probably the most easiest photographs to take because your subject doesn’t move, you have all the time you need to frame correctly with your camera and you can even use a tripod to try slow time shutter speed.

But… taking a GREAT landscape photograph is by far complex!

Most of people I know bought their first DSLR camera to shoot landscapes, but only few of them have succeeded. Others spend long hours with Photoshop by editing a lot of things to make them “nice” to see. Of course, this way of doing is not satisfying to my mind because it’s like cheating and the result is most of the time unreal.

So, how to perform a great landscape photography?

First, you need to have something special, may be unusual in foreground. Your background is probably beautiful but your eyes need something closer to focus on. Otherwise your glance is lost in the overall composition.

Second, you need to wait for the good light! There’s nothing more boring than shooting a bright sky that will appear overexposed to get a nice background or, at the opposite, having a nice deep blue sky but with the background underexposed.

So, it could be better to take landscape photographs early in the morning or late in the afternoon. At that time, the sun is low over the horizon and the brightness is soft and full of colors.

Ok boss! But show us what you call a nice landscape photography

The photograph I want to show you today has been taken in Egypt, at Hurghada.

Hurghada is a very touristic seaside town along the Red Sea. It’s not really a place you want to take in photograph. It’s only sea, beaches, resorts, desert and distant mountains. Most of the day, the light is really bright and it’s impossible to take nice photographs.

Beautiful sunset over the egyptian mountain in the desert along the red sea
I remember we went in a kind of camp 10km away from the city and in the middle of the desert. Most of the people there were tourists, many of them from Germany or Russia.

There were plenty of activities there like Camel and horse riding, buggy in the desert, motocross and on the evening the diner with “local” attractions like belly dancing, dervish and so more.

There, the night comes very quickly and I’ve to say that as I hate everything related to the tourism industry, I wasn’t very comfortable all the day long, wishing the night to come.

But, I passed all the day to study the best framing for a perfect sunset over the desert and the mountains. And, regardless of the guidelines, I left the camp 30mn before the sunset to go alone in the desert to the place I had chosen sooner in the afternoon, promising to be back before the full dark of the night.

The composition, the most difficult part of the photograph!

I took probably 10 photographs at that time and I had been very very lucky because when I took this shot, buggies were on their way back to the camp. My background were the mountains, my foreground the buggies and in between, the beautiful and giant desert. And of course, a amazing light due to sunset veiled by a distant sandstorm!

This photograph is called “Desertic Road” and has been distinguished in 3 Major International Photography Competitions in Holland, Greece and Australia.

It’s probably my best landscape photograph and it’s my today assignment for the Photography 101 contest.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

1 Comment on Desertic road – Behind the scene of my last award winning artworks

  1. Amazing capture and congrats

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