Winter is coming – How to use snow to get nice effects on your photos

Winter and snow are coming, don’t forget your camera at home!

Last winter was the first time that I tried to shoot photos of skiers on the slopes. As the snow is very bright, the only thing to manage is to play with the exposure compensation wheel of your camera by increasing by 1 or 1.5 stop in order to obtain a good luminance.

And then, you can start playing around! As the snow is really bright and white, it seems that the subjects are flying in the air because we don’t see the snow so much it’s white!

I was there with my 300mm lens, wide open at f4.5. When you use this kind of long focal length, background and foreground gathered in the same plane!

It’s a very interesting optical effect because it’s really disturbing for the human vision. I’ll show you later some photographs with this kind of natural effect. I love that!

Super G

Skiing, long focal lenght and optical effect!

Our skier here on the photograph is on an almost flat slope, he doesn’t really go fast but with the 300mm we only see the snow close around him. That’s why it’s impossible to know that this slope is almost flat thanks to the 300mm focal length. Instead we think that he is engaged in a very steep slope!

But he’s not actually.

It’s possible to boost this sensation very easily with a RAW editing software by only slightly increasing the lights and then all the snow can disappear in something whole blank, leaving the skier flying in the air!

As winter starts soon and that may be you plan skiing, make some shots like this one with your camera and a long focal lenght. Don’t forget to use your exposure compensation’s wheel and come back here to share your shots!

Have a nice WE everybody!

8 Comments on Winter is coming – How to use snow to get nice effects on your photos

  1. I am not very successful when it comes to photographing snow. Thanks for this useful advice. I will try out and see if my snow pictures turn out better.

  2. Fantastic work and congrats

  3. That’s very cool. I took some photos in the snow in NZ and was asked if I just photoshopped myself on a white background – lol!

  4. Julia Manuel // 22 November 2014 at 2:35 PM // Reply

    Wonderful capture! I prefer more abstract eye catching shots…ones that tell maybe an alternate story to the reality. And I really like your lessons! So helpful. I’m finally getting a DSLR much to my glee & bliss Nikon D90 with 85mm ☺ can’t WAIT to PLAY!! Many thanks for following my new blog! I’m honoured. Be well, j

  5. I’ve been avoiding outdoor winter photography for quite some time, but I think that this winter I’m going to give it a try – thanks for the inspiration.

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