Welcome in Cairo, the capital of the Pharaohs

Welcome in EgyptLife is full of treasures to photograph

Most humans unfortunately seek for treasures made of gold and money and don’t care about the treasures given by the life. The latter are by far the most beautiful ones! They’re gifts granted by the mother nature, our parents and God!

Mine are made of people and encounters. Meeting new people, talk to them and sharing thoughts is a priceless treasure!

It happens everytime I travel and that I meet people where I stay. One of the best treasure I’ve ever met is in Egypt. I was so well welcomed there by all the people I met that this souvenir is still very bright into my mind!

This image today was took in a coffee in the heart of Cairo and can’t better describe how well I was received in this beautiful country! There’s everything in this photograph!

First, the hand that give you the glass. The gesture is very soft and warm. The glass is at the same time hot at the bottom and cool at the top!  

And look at these colors! A perfect mix from the white of the milk to the red dark of the tea.

This picture is, for me, the perfect illustration of what a treasure is!

9 Comments on Welcome in Cairo, the capital of the Pharaohs

  1. A lot has happened in Egypt the last decade that might be contributing factors to peoples doubts. I was in Egypt in 2001, however a friend of mine went 3 years ago and she has all nice things to say too.

    Too bad that most of the stuff we read on social media isn’t the complete story.

  2. I second the warm reception in Egypt. I was called ‘Samara’ supposedly something nice you call a black person, I ran with it and laughed a lot.

  3. Julia Manuel // 24 November 2014 at 7:59 AM // Reply

    Beautiful soul you have ☺

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