Beautiful Bastille Day’s fireworks in Paris

Storming of the Bastille: The day french people changed their destiny!

Every year, on July 14th, France and french all around the work celebrate the Bastille day!

That’s a very important moment in french history because on July 14th 1789, the people of Paris decided to walk to the Royal Bastille fortress in the center of Paris to take it and destroy it.

Only few prisoners were held in this fortress but the building was the symbol of the royalty and of political oppression.

Storming of the Bastille as we call it is the beginning of the end of the royalty in France and its fall was the flashpoint of the French Revolution.

The Bastille day celebrations

The most beautiful fireworks for Bastille day in ParisEvery single village and city in France celebrate this day. Most of small villages celebrate on July 13th evening with fireworks and dancing parties called “Le Bal des Pompiers” and people can dance and party in public parks up late in the evening.

But the biggest celebrations take place the day after, on July 14th, when the biggest cities shoots fireworks. For example in Paris area, only the city of Paris shoots fireworks on July 14th.

Other close cities shoot them the day before so as to let people to gather in Paris to watch the most beautiful french fireworks!

Yes, this fireworks is a true masterpiece, it lasts long and is more beautiful than the one for the New Year.

The Triumph of the revolution

This photograph has been taken in the Paris area, in St Germain en Laye located 20 km west of Paris. Despite it’s a big city, the fireworks is shooted on July 13th. As this place is located over a small hill, you can also take a look at every fireworks around, like the one we can see on the right of the photograph!

It’s very easy to get a nice picture of a fireworks! Just follow the following rules:

  • First, you need a tripod for your camera
  • Choose a good place with a good angle over the fireworks
  • Choose a wide angle lens, like a 28mm
  • Then, set up manually the settings of your camera for a long exposure shoot
    • 20s shutter speed
    • ISO 100
    • Aperture f11 or more
  • Define manually your focus (most of the time at infinite)
  • Try to understand the timing of the successive fireworks waves to trigger your shooting so as to capture 2 or 3 waves

You see? Very easy, isn’t?

13 Comments on Beautiful Bastille Day’s fireworks in Paris

  1. Thanks for the tips on how to photograph fireworks. I have tried several times without success. Will try out your settings and keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Very very useful tips ! thanks for sharing !! and that is an awesome picture !

  3. Beautiful way to represent triumph. Thank you for sharing the instruction!

  4. Fabulous. Can’t wait to try it.

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