Change your perception scale, try the macro photography!

Never tackle Macro Photography like an “normal” photography

A recurrent advice in photography is to start shooting its immediate environment, like family, friends, home… And this is true! If you can’t take nice photographs of what is going around you, it’s almost impossible to think that you can go overseas to take some nice shots!

Another advice I was told is that a photographer should take photographs every single day! It helps to keep your eyes open and forces your brain to stay awake. And believe me, this second advice is very hard to achieve for me because I really don’t like keeping a camera with me all the time! 

Furthermore it’s difficult to be kept interested on a long time by what is around me! Once I took the 20 pictures of my close environment, I’m done.

But did you know it exists a whole new world just at your feet? Something all new that you may have never noticed?

Macro Photography changes the scale of your perception!

The nature is very rich, beyond all imagination! Our usual perception scale is to see trees, birds, cats, dogs… But there’s also a small world with insects, flowers, dust and all things like that!

For me (and most of photographers), macro photography starts with a good macro photography lens!

But what’s a good macro lens? For sure not necessary a lens with “Macro” written on it! A true macro lens offers a reproduction ratio of 1:1 (or more) at its closest focus setting. It means that when you shoot an insect 1cm long, its size on the sensor of your camera is 1cm.

Only few dedicated lenses can reach that ratio, and they’re all expensive. The Vivitar Serie 1 f2.5 1105mm is one of them but also the Tamron 90 DI Macro. Both of them are gorgeous lenses!

Macro photography of a flower that looks like sunrise
These lenses are manually operated most of the time and more precisely the focus that can’t be automatic because only you and your eye are fast enough to adjust the focus. Automation here is useless!

The picture here is from a flower in a public park next to my home. At the human scale this flower is not particularly more beautiful than another one, but when shot with a macro lens, the result is just really amazing!

And you, do you practice macro photography? If not, you should 🙂

5 Comments on Change your perception scale, try the macro photography!

  1. I have Tamron SP AF 60 mm f/ 2 Di II LD (IF) Macro

  2. Great read! makes me interested. ☺

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