Do you like beautiful landscape photographs? Grab a backpack to hike in the Pyrenees mountains!

There’s nothing better than hiking to take beautiful landscape photographs

French Pyrenees mountains are beautiful! It’s a delight for the eyes, for nature and landscape photographers, for hiking and for people who love wild life! These mountains are the natural borders between France and Spain and run from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea, from west to east over 430km with a peak at 3404m high.

Hiking in the Haute Ariege region is hard but it’s worth it!

Hiking in the french Pyrenees mountains

Nothing better than to hike to take beautiful photographs

Landscapes are different wherever you go in the Pyrenees mountains, with beautiful forests up to 2000m high and mineral landscapes beyond. My favorite landscapes take place in the Haute Ariege region because everything there seem very wild with only stones, peaks and water. It’s almost look desertic without any humane traces and even during the full touristic period you don’t meet a lot of people.

Hiking there requires good hiking skills and a good backpack with everything you need inside to survive at least 2 full days. Don’t expect to find any shop or people where you could buy food and water. Villages are below 1300m and the most beautiful hiking paths are all above 2000m high. Unless you want to lose 1 full day to reach such a village, it’s much better to stay 3 days or more in the summits and to stop at night in the few refuges located there.

Don’t forget your camera but be prepared to suffer!

Carrying a camera for such a hiking is not something easy but definitely worth it! Landscapes photography at dawn or sunset are beautiful with nice colors and huge mountains in the background!

If you’re lucky enough or courageous you can photograph isards very early in the morning when they drink along lakes or rivers or marmots that like to sunbathing all the day on their stones! You just need to carry a 300mm lens with you and I’m telling you… hiking with a 20kg backpack heavy isn’t something easy…

But as everything in life, if you want to achieve great things, you need to be prepared to face difficulties and be patient!

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