The art of motion in photography

Motion Photography Techniques: Freezing or smearing ?

The movement is something special in photography!

It exists many ways to capture a motion. If you photograph a car racing you may want to freeze the movement of your subject with a fast shutter speed. It’s the freezing. But if you want to take a picture of a waterfall you may want to blur the water by using slow shutter speed. It’s the smearing.

Whatever the techniques chosen, the only thing that really matters here is what you want to highlight or the effect you want to show!

The picture here is one of my first photo of motion ever! It was during an Halloween Party in Paris and we all wore disguises. The lady on this photograph wore a beautiful spanish dress like the one used for dancing Tango and my intention was to show the motion of this dress in a photograph.

The art of movement in photography during Halloween Party!

I used for that my 10-20mm Sigma lens with a shutter speed at 1/15 sec, aperture at f:4 and no flash!

As the dress moves faster than the lady, her face is quite sharp while we distinguish the motion of the dress that is blurred! In order to achieve a nice looking photograph, try to get something sharp in your photograph, otherwise the result will look more as an accident 😉

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