A spring day along the beaches of the Bay of Somme

The Bay of Somme is a famous Bay in France, located in the North along the English Channel. This is one of the most beautiful Bay in the world with its expanses of open water, marshes and dunes. This place is also a heaven for birds and is one of the France’s major sites for migrating birds with a large section in the north of the Bay listed as nature reserve. That’s really the perfect place to practice nature and landscape photography!

A place where all photographers should go at least once in life

Many public events are organized all along the year on the beautiful and large beaches, including huge kite flying gathering and sand yachting competitions. On week ends, people come from all the region and even from Paris to visit the Bay and having a nice time there by playing with their children on the white sand and large beaches.


6 Comments on A spring day along the beaches of the Bay of Somme

  1. Nice pictures! I want to leave the office behind and go to the beach. Wait, there´s no beach in my country 🙂

    • Thank you! Tell me, what’s your country? 🙂

    • I rather feel like a child of the world and I was definitely born in a wrong place since I love the see and I´m a South East Asia lover. 🙂 My country of origin is the Czech Republic.

    • I’ve never been there 😦
      I was told it’s a beautiful country but I deeply understand when you say “a child of the world” because actually this is also what i feel like 🙂

    • It most certainly is a beautiful country, but as you know, different and distant places make life sooo exciting. You should visit Prague sometime, I´ll show you around. This city is very photogenic 🙂

    • Oh sorry, I made a mistake! I’ve been in Prague 4 days in 2009!! The most beautiful city in Europe with the so famous Charles Bridge!!

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