A day like any other in Pontseng

Life isn’t easy in a village without water and electricity

Every single task is handmade, takes time and is weather dependent. As in many country, women are in charge of housework, meaning cooking, cleansing, raising children, laundry, take over the ancients and so many other tasks.

In the meantime, men are supposed to work in the fields by cultivating and farming. This was probably true in the ancient time but now Sotho men are working in the big cities to earn money as miners, cleaners, gardeners and so many different small jobs. Thanks to this money, they can provide to their families.

Here is an example of this life in a remote Sotho village but this may be true for most of the villages in South Africa. As there’s no work in the villages, men have to migrate in the cities and women need to take in charge all the tasks once reserved for men....

Life is definitely not easy when you’re a woman…

An usual day in a Sotho village

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