The Ikaheng pre-school of Pontseng!

Education in the remote villages of South Africa

I told you yesterday that Pontseng is a lovely small village located in the mountains of Drakensberg in South Africa. This village doesn’t have any electricity or water and the only road connecting the village to the “world” is a dirty track built 4 years ago only.

Pontseng is a village as there are so many other in that area and is no exception. All those remote villages were built on the same pattern with their church, their pre-school, school and small shop for the retailing of staples. An important place in the village is where the taxis can stop to get or drop people.

As there’s no bus transportation, Pontseng is reached 3 times a day by a taxiTaxis are vans that can bring up to 16 people to the Matatiele, one of the 2 big cities of the area located at more than 40km. 

The most amazing for me was to see so many children everywhere while our countrysides in Europe look so empty of people and young. Because public transportation and specially school transportation don’t really exist, every single village is used to have its own elementary school.

Welcome in a typical Sotho village and the Ikaheng pre school

All those children are then able to receive a basic education up to the age of 15 but after it’s much more difficult because high school are located in cities most of the time located more than 1 hour drive.

2 Comments on The Ikaheng pre-school of Pontseng!

  1. Many of my fellow students at C.K.H.S walked over an hour to come to school everyday. Makes one appreciate the opportunity of an education so much more. I was very fortunate in only having a short ride on my bicycle to get to school.

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