How to fill in the time when you’ve nothing to do?

What kills the most? Boredom or smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol?

Many people including me complain that our modern cities are too busy, noisy and polluted, that the time flies and that we can’t fight against this. This is true and this is the modern life! That’s why I like to go out the cities in more relaxing areas like in the mountains or in the forests. They’re by far more quiet and relaxing!

But this year, I’ve experienced the living in a small village lost in the high mountains of South Africa, without any electricity, water and, of course, internet. Yes, this is definitely a relaxing place! Only few noise outside, very dark and beautiful nights watching the stars high in the sky and wake up in the morning with sunrise and go to bed shortly after sunset.

Well, this is funny 4 or 5 days, may be a week, but let me tell you that at the end it’s a bit boring because you can’t do what you’re used to do! It’s kind of frustrating! Well… I shouldn’t complain because I was staying in the sole house with electricity provided by solar panel and I could work on my photographs!

To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed the time I stayed in this village because I had a work to do and everything was new for me. It was like a paradise for me as I love practicing social photography!

alcohol and cigarette to fight against boredom

But very quickly my first question arrived: “How all those people kill time as they have nothing to do?“.

Don’t forget that most of the men here come from the big cities for holidays to visit their family and meet their friends! It happens only 1 or 2 times a year. Well, they do exactly the same thing than we do in Europe… they spend a lot of time together at the bar, drinking beer and whisky, smoking cigarettes and talking!

The sole difference is that here there’s no electricity… you can’t watch TV in the bar nor listen some music or play some PlayStation games! It could be boredom but it’s not! There’s always someone here to tell a story or start singing!

There’s no need to kill the time here, because they’ve invented it!

3 Comments on How to fill in the time when you’ve nothing to do?

  1. A very true and sobering article. Of course there are two sides. For example:- my sight is deteriorating due to age. I cannot read books. But I can enjoy ebooks tablets, and computers because of their illuminated screens. And many of us would not be alive if it were not for modern medicine.
    But if I changed one of my possessions without adequate reason for the latest version, then I would be falling into the trap of today’s consumer society. On the other hand, if we went on using our gadgets until they no longer worked, just think of the unemployment in Korea, Japan, India, China etc. etc. we would be innocently creating!
    As a boy brought up in the country in Britain, I remember life without water and electricity. Water had to be carried in buckets up a hill. Today the most wonderful thing in my house is not the computer – it is the kitchen tap from which water miraculously flows!
    I do understand what you are saying. I think it was the poet Wordsworth in the 19th. century who said “Late and soon, getting and spending, we lay waste our powers, and little we see in this Nature of ours”. Surprise, surprise, it is not a new phenomenon! The Romans, with their advanced culture, made similar comments. One can understand the sentiment embodied in the title of a popular play some years ago – “Stop the world – I want to get off!” Des.

    • Well said Des! I just don’t know what i could add!
      May be that everything in life should be well balanced and it’s also true with our topic 🙂

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