A nice photographic moment: the twin posing sisters!

More than beauty, the most important for a photography posing is to be natural!

This scene took place on the terrace of the shop of Ponteng, in the heart of Sotho land. I was taken some photographs around when I was surrounded by so many children who were expecting me to take pictures of them!

I then improvised a quick photo studio outside and started to obey orders of this very lovely and noisy horde! I had a lot of fun that day because this did not want to end, new children arriving to be taken in pictures!

At the end, it was a big mess around this bench because they all wanted to be every single time on the photograph! I had to try to organize the posing sessions but every time I finished to take a photo all the children were around me to have a preview of the picture on the camera!

Twin sisters posing at an improvised shooting

The funny things here in that picture is that you can see all the children around the bench who think they are out of the frame, waiting to jump on the bench in the purpose to pose for my camera!

There’s another exciting point in here. Those people liked to pose and their poses are very natural! Look how these 2 twin sisters are comfortable in front of a camera despite the noise around and all the children waiting to move them away of the bench!

Yes, I definitely love that scene! I miss you people of Pontseng! 

2 Comments on A nice photographic moment: the twin posing sisters!

  1. flavialozano // 3 January 2015 at 9:45 AM // Reply

    I love love love this picture.

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