Pontseng’s got talent, the best show ever!

Better than watching TV and playing video games, the Sotho live songs!!

You probably wonder what people of Pontseng do when the night has come! As there’s no electricity, you can’t watch TV, play video games or listen some music! You can’t even play on your smartphone because Internet there is very very slow!

Well… people just meet in the shop of the village, in a room apart only lit by a candle and they start singing for hours! The night I took this photograph we were less than 10 people in the room with may be 6 bottles of beer going from hand to hand and all very curious to know why I was here with them in the village.

What to do when there's no electricity? Singing of course!They told me I was the first white person staying more than one day in the village and that they were very happy and proud that I was there with them, that I was now a Mosotho as they are and gave me a Sotho name: Leeto Makweana, meaning the Traveler of the great tribe of the Kweena! Useless to say that I was very proud and happy to be there with them!

And then, they all started to sing! What a beautiful and amazing evening! They sang more than 3 hours with 1 or 2 solo changing at every song while other are the chorus!

Listen below the record I made during one of this song! Just listen, the voices are amazingly beautiful, nothing is prepared or arranged and I’m telling you, that gave me goose bumps because it was better than a gospel song in a church!

Unfortunately I could record only one song, but next time I’m back there I record all the evening!

4 Comments on Pontseng’s got talent, the best show ever!

  1. Brings back memories of after school singing on the way home from CKHS heading back to NUL
    thank you for posting this

    • Hi Captain!

      Thank you for stopping by here and for your word! I’m glad if it brings you back some memories 🙂
      But could you tell us what CKHS and NUL are?

  2. Travelling away from one own comfort zones is brilliant, isn’t it?

    I can imagine how happy those guys were to have you around them – nice to have strangers feel comfortable with what is not their usual lifestyle, makes the host proud and elated for many reasons.

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