Yet another washing station in Bangkok

There are a lot of motorcycles in Bangkok, many of them used as taxis. They also have their dedicated washing stationsDriving a car in Bangkok is a nightmare! Streets are most of the time blocked by huge and endless traffic jams and you can be stuck hours to drive only 1 or 2 kilometers.

That’s probably why there are so many scooters and motorcycles driving in this city despite the danger.

I remember the first time I took a moto taxi… it was kind of scary, like alpine skiing but with cars and passers by as obstacles! And once you have tasted how fast they’re, that you saved more 1 hour to reach your destination and that you had some fun thanks to the adrenaline… well, it’s not a big deal anymore…

There’s something amazing in Bangkok, the cars and scooters are most of the time really clean because I think that people clean them almost everyday in washing stations like this one dedicated to scooters and motorcycles!

There are plenty of them in Bangkok and they’re open 24/7! I guess that’s a very lucrative business there!

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