Do you really know what a luxurious life is? Just take a look around you…

If you can read this post, then you belong to the richest people on earth!

Tap water and electricity still remain luxurious for most of people on this planet. As European people we often forget it as well we forget that misery is never far from where we live and work. Misery is not only something we see at the TV, it’s a reality for billions of people on our world.

Misery doesn’t mean that people are not happy as I told in a previous post, but it definitely means that’s life is not simple. You need to wonder every day if you have enough water for the rest of the day or figure out how you can be supplied. It also means that you can’t store food in a fridge as we do every day in our modern life. That’s why most of your day is dedicated to provide every minimum necessities to be able to live: drinking and eating.

Water supply

You need to fetch water and to grow your fields and you can do that only on day light, because you don’t have any torch or light to enlighten you. It means that you start your day at dawn and end at dusk. When the night comes, you can’t work, you can’t study and you can’t even read a book!

In our occidental society, we can work the day but we can also have activities in the evening and night. Students can study and work for their metrics and people can educate themselves by reading a book for example (and no, TV won’t never be a tool to get educated…)

Life is not everywhere as easy as ours in European cities where we have time to work and for leisure. In places like here, in the Drakensberg, people first concern is to eat and drink, like the people on this picture coming back into their village with water supply.

I fear that this gap between richest countries and poorest is getting wider every day more. Only education by providing the means to go to school while not working in the fields will help them to hope for a better life, considering that we have a better life in the cities… but it’s definitely another debate…

3 Comments on Do you really know what a luxurious life is? Just take a look around you…

  1. We should be thankful for every single little things that we have compared to our less fortunate counterparts for they have to struggle more than us.

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