Exhibition of my photography artworks in a major european Art Gallery!

Paks Galery, a very famous Modern Art Gallery in EuropeI’m thrilled today to announce that I’m selected by one of the biggest and famous Modern Art Gallery in Europe to exhibit my artwork photographs!

The exhibition will take place from 14 to 28 of February 2015 in the PAKS Gallery in historic Castle Hubertendorf, Austria. My work with my biography and my photos will also be published in 2015 in 2 major Art Magazines:

PAKS Gallery is a gallery for contemporary art in Austria between Vienna, Salzburg and Munich (Germany). With more than 25.000 Follower PAKS Gallery is one of the most popular galleries in Europe.

PAKS Gallery is international active in consulting of high quality contemporary art. Many private and corporate collectors find by us young, perspective and also established artists. With exhibitions in many countries, places and Art Fairs art collectors from the whole world have a possibility to see the new stars and established names of the international art world.

PAKS Gallery exhibit new vision of international artists in photography, painting, sculpture, and mixed media art. With our events in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich and whole europe can you enjoy and buy art of many international artists.

Sounds good isn’t? If you’re living close to this gallery and that you want to meet me just come to greet me and have a talk!

Links to the announcement of the exhibition:

9 Comments on Exhibition of my photography artworks in a major european Art Gallery!

  1. How did it go? Did they charge you to exhibit?

  2. Congratulations, Guilhem. I wish I was over there. I’d definitely go to see your work.

    How’s it going so far? Are there much interested collectors and contacts being made?

  3. How do you chose? I like your images yet I know you must have thousands more in storage as I do. How do you choose? You have a nice body of work here.

    • Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you like my work 🙂
      I must confess that i don’t really have thousands photos in storage because i know that the most difficult is to choose which one to keep our delete. I think i only take may be 100 photos a month and i never spare my framings. So it’s not a big deal, in theory, to choose… But i think i only worked less than 50% of them and i do it only to send them to competition depending the themes…

  4. You must be overwhelmed with joy and excitement wish you much success. jackie

  5. Wow! You must be thrilled and it is always a wonderful feeling to know that your work has attracted recognition! Sincere congratulations. I would go to the exhibition to see your work but am living too far away. Hope you will keep the rest of us updated after the event!

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