Back in France with beautiful memories from South Africa!

A long travel back to France

It has been a while since my last post here, almost 1 week! I’ve been busy with my travel back to France and the time to recover of the 36h of train + plane + train journey. I also worked on my next exhibition in Austria at the Paks Gallery with the printing of the selected artworks, writing and sending my biography for the publication in the modern art magazine February issue and several questions to answer for an interview.

Yes, you’re right, it’s not really working, it’s more pleasure! But sometime even pleasure takes a lot of time!

As my mind is still in South Africa while my body is in Europe, I decided to show you today another photo from this lovely village of Pontseng taken in the shop / bar where most of men like to meet to drink a good beer and chat together.

The bar, this so strategical place in every village around this worldThere’s no table nor chairs there, only 2 windows illuminate the small room and you need to grab plastic boxes to seat on them. People spend their time to talk about their life in the cities, about their jobs, their family, their concerns and so many things. This is a friendly time when they like to chill and remember the good old time when they were children.

Remember that most of men in those villages live far away and that they’re back only 1 or 2 times a year for less than 1 week. Christmas and Easter holidays are the sole time of the year they can meet their friends and their families! That’s why they spend so many times among their friends.

But I think that it’s quite the same routine in every countries and villages around our world with the men drinking with their friends. The sole difference here is that there’s no TV to watch a football game…

3 Comments on Back in France with beautiful memories from South Africa!

  1. Wonderful shot! Can’t wait, we will be there soon!

  2. Thanks for the follow and welcome! 🙂

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