You think Venice is beautiful? You’re wrong, it’s better than that!

This city can’t be real!

I spent the last 3 weeks on the road across France and Europe to reach Vienna for the opening of a Modern Art exhibition I was invited to attend. On my way back to France, I went through Venice for 2 nights and took a whole day visit of this stunning city!

I’ve arrived there the day following the carnival so the city was crowded with people but atmosphere is really nice and people very friendly.

San Marco square and Rialto bridge are the 2 most famous places in Venice. Tourists gather there all the day long to take pictures and having a stunning view over the main canal. At sunset, there are so many people that it’s almost impossible to get close enough to the waterfront to take nice pictures.

Photo of Venice and the grand canal by night

But fortunately those places and the streets are quite empty early in the morning! That’s why I decided to went out the hotel at 5 AM to visit and take some pictures of Venice by night.

And I’m telling you, if you intend to visit the city, do it by night!

2 Comments on You think Venice is beautiful? You’re wrong, it’s better than that!

  1. At my age, I don’t stay up all night for any reason, but I took a couple workmates to Venice and we stayed up all night wandering the city and grabbing stunning long exposures. Took me a couple days to recover, but it was well worth it, rats and all! I’m still editing, but it is great fun to rediscover each image anew.

    • That’s the problem with photography, best time are early the morning and late in the afternoon 🙂
      But yes you’re right, Venice was worth it!

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