Rialto bridge: the best photographic viewpoint in Venice!

Quiet time before a busy day!

As I previously told you, walking in the streets of Venice by night or very early in the morning is the best time to visit and take photographs. But don’t forget your tripod to manage long exposure shots! I forgot mine so I had to manage by using ledges and benches to put my camera.

There is a small tiny steel ledge along the Rialto bridge where I was able to put my Ricoh GR camera and manage long exposure time (ie 3s). I didn’t find such a trick on San Marco Square and consequently I didn’t take nice photographs of this beautiful place. Too bad 😦

Night view of grand canal in Venice from Rialto bridge

But I’m quite happy with my shots from Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal!

By night everything is very quiet and lights are nicely reflecting in the water, almost like an empty or dead city. The only human presence I saw at that time was this fishing boat back in the harbor to unload its cargo.

Next time I’ll show you pictures of the same docks taken 2 hours later… contrasting…

7 Comments on Rialto bridge: the best photographic viewpoint in Venice!

  1. I was there at the busiest time of the day (sunset) with hordes of people pushing me around and my tripod was left in Zagreb, so I had to do all Venice tripod-less. This is a lovely view, feels so strange to see the scene calm at night 🙂 A successful shot Guilhem!

  2. Nice shot! Very calming

  3. Nice view, it reminds me good memories of Venise… et ça me donne envie d’y retourner !
    J’ai utilisé la technique de la rembarde pour photographier le Brooklyn Bridge et ça a donné un bon cliché. Pour la place San Marco, peut-être aurais-tu pu poser ton appareil carrément par terre, sur les pavés ? ça peut être un point de vue intéressant…

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