Artworks exhibitions, Art fairs, gallery… 2015 starts with a bang!

How exciting and busy this year 2015 is!

I’m telling you, I don’t even find the time to write posts on my website… So what’s new? Well… a lot of things… and I don’t know how to start…

My artworks at 3 majors Art Fairs, in Paris, Montreux and Hamburg!

FThe Paks Gallery, a very major Modern Art Gallery in Europeirst, as you already know, my artworks are exhibited in a beautiful Modern Art gallery, the PAKS Gallery close to Vienna (Austria). This gallery is in a great castle, the Castle Hubertendorf, owned by a nice business man who loves modern Art! Since this exhibition, PAKS gallery wants to showcase my work in 3 major Art Fairs in Europe this year.

The first one is the Art Shopping Salon in June in Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre with more than 20 000 visitors last year. The second one is another great Art event, the Montreux Art Gallery in Switzerland with more than 17 000 visitors and the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg in November with more 22 000 visitors!

The 3 art fairs I attend this year with PAKS Gallery

It’s really huge and I’m thrilled to know that so many people are going to see my artworks and my resume looks quite decent now!

Now referenced in the #1 Modern Art Magazine!

But I’ve got more to tell you! I’m now referenced as an artist in Der Greif Magazine thanks to the following picture I took last December in the Drakensberg in South Africa and curated by Katrin Weber.

Der greif Galerie f 5.6 guilhem ribart artetic

What’s great is that this magazine is ranked #1 Modern Art Magazine at the Lucie Awards last year. This picture is now exhibited at the Galerie F/5.6 in Munich for 2 months, don’t miss the exhibition!

Photo taken in the Drakensberg mountains and choose by Der Greif Magazine

My artworks overseas!

One last thing, the Cow Artworks gallery in Johannesburg wants to permanently showcase my B&W artworks! They already chose 2 pictures as a beginning but this number may increase in the following weeks!

I keep my fingers crossed and stay connected, more to come soon!

4 Comments on Artworks exhibitions, Art fairs, gallery… 2015 starts with a bang!

  1. Wonderful to know that people are noticing your work. You deserve this!

    • Exactly! Step after step! Patience and perseverance are the 2 main qualities to move forward 🙂
      I don’t if I really deserve anything, but it made my day 🙂

  2. Congratulations, that´s terrific! 🙂

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