Attention, peinture fraîche, a day in the streets of Newtown

What a busy time in Johannesburg!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. I’m back in South Africa since 6 weeks but I was very busy. I’m delighted to tell you that I’m going to exhibit 3 of my pictures in a gallery here in Johannesburg from this week, at the Cow Artworks Gallery in Parkhurst. This gallery is one of the few here dedicated to the photography art, most of them in Black & White. I was then busy to find a good printer and to make sure that everything is be ok for the opening.

In parallel I gave a talk to the Sandton Photography Club. It was a very great time meeting other photographers with another point of view and different practices of the photography. Because South Africa is a beautiful country with a gorgeous nature and lots of wilds animals, most of photographers here practice Wild and Nature photography with big cameras and heavy telelenses. It was great to discuss on our different practices and vision of photography as I practice myself more about people and street photography.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures since I’m here. Only some in the Newtown district of Johannesburg but I plan to take some more late April because I’m invited to attend to a car show in the countryside of Johannesburg. I can’t wait being there because it’s the first time that I attend to such an event.

Photo of the day, a walk in the streets of Newton

Street photography in the streets of Johannesburg

Today, let me show you this picture taken in the street of Johannesburg. I like this one because the composition is very simple, a man walking on the sidewalk with its orange suits and blue tin. He’s probably working on this building as a painter, that’s why he wears a mask to protect against chemical smells. There are only 3 colors on this picture: some blue, some red / orange and the yellow. The simpler the better, isn’t?

8 Comments on Attention, peinture fraîche, a day in the streets of Newtown

  1. Some soothing colors, really 🙂

  2. Wow! Congratulations on having your work exhibited. Very happy for you!

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