Proud to share with you my photos exhibited at the Cow Artworks Gallery!

A new exhibition at the Cow Artworks Gallery in Johannesburg

I’m very glad today to show you the 3 artworks that are currently exhibited at the Cow Artworks Gallery located in Parkhurst, a artistic district of Johannesburg in South Africa

I know that most of you know that Johannesburg is in South Africa, but last time when I was traveling from Europe to Johannesburg, I met a very kindly and friendly man during my transit in Doha and had a long and interesting chat with him over a tea. But the point is that he thought that Johannesburg was in Australia… that’s why I prefer to tell now that Johannesburg is in South Africa  😉

This gallery is one of the few here dedicated to the art of photography, most of them in Black & White. Doreen, the owner of the gallery, has a very good feeling with the photographs and she perfectly knows what she wants to showcase in her gallery. That’s why I’m very proud that she chose some of my artworks. As she only showcase B&W photographs, she chose 3 of my artworks that are originally colored photos!

As she was very persuasive to think that those artworks would have a really good rendering in Black & White, I decided to do the test and… YES, she’s definitely right, the B&W suits them very much!

Let me give you today the 3 pictures exhibited in this lovely gallery! First one is “Frozen River“, second one is “Paysage du Soir” and last one “Smoked glasses“.

Frozen River: I took this photography in the French Pyrenees mountains that marks the border between France and Spain. I went there for a snowshoe hiking in beginning of 2014 because for the first time since years we had many successive snowfalls and snow depth was more than 4m at 2 500m high in the mountains. I like this picture because we can see the successive layers of snowfalls preserved by the cold so as the snow froze only few after it fell.

Paysages du Soir:  Evening time taken in May 2014 in Morocco, in the countryside of a city located alongside the freeway that goes from Rabat to Fes. The economy of this city is based on farming with very large cultivated fields. The land is almost flat with only small hills. May is already quite warm in Morocco with temperatures more than 35°C on day. But the evening are very cool and you can see peasants in their fields to gather and get back their donkeys and cows for the night. Peasants there mainly use donkeys to help them to cultivate their fields. Mechanised tools like tractors are still too expensive for them so they work like their fathers and grand fathers were used to work before them.

Smoked glasses: I took this picture during my first stay in South Africa, in July of 2014. I went to Art on Main in Johannesburg and while I was visiting the art shop upstairs my eyes were as catched by this window and light, these old glass jars and this particular light going through. I felt like in ancient time. This is the kind of photo where there’s no story behind, just an unreal atmosphere.

Those pictures are available for sale, printed in 40 x 60cm size on a  310mg cotton paper and with HDR Epson inks. Prints are guaranteed 100 years and are in 10 limited editions for each, sold signed and with a certificate of authenticity. Don’t be shy and come to the gallery to see them and buy as long they’re not sold 🙂

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  1. Many congratulations! 🙂

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