Ennui Marin, a photo outing day along the english channel!

The Bay of Somme, a beautiful place to visit for landscapes and birds!

The Bay of Somme in France is a very nice area along the English Channel, with large beaches, a park dedicated to migratory birds and many historical and beautiful old villages like St Valery of Somme which is a medieval village with many very old buildings you can still visit.

Guillaume the Conqueror departed from this harbor to conquer England and Jeanne d’Arc went through that place once captured to reach Rouen to be judged.

If you love history, old buildings and birds, that’s definitely a place you should visit for a week end for example. It’s only 2 hours away from Paris by car, the place is relaxing and you can practice horse riding along the sea or in the countryside.

The picture I show you today, “Ennui Marin” that you could translate by “marine boredom” has been taken on the beaches of this bay during low tide. At that time, sand beaches are more than 1 or 2 km large and many people walk there to gather seafood by hand while teenagers chat on the edge of the harbor jetties.

Teenagers chat along the Bay of Somme

I decided to overexpose this picture to strengthen contrasts between the sand and the people on the wood jetty. The boy on the picture looks very introverted, silent and not talkative at all while the girl seems waiting for something to say or to listen.

They all 3 seem bored deeply, probably waiting for something to happen while their parents may walk on the beach to gather seafood by hand. As they seat on the wood jetty, I like the perspective that starts at the bottom right of the picture and ends with that girl right in the middle of the photo!

And you, do you like this composition? Have you ever been at this place? Did you enjoy your time there?

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