Why you should consider investing your money in Art

Buying work by emerging artists is a great way to invest your money

Since the 2007 crisis, Art market is continuously growing fast with more than 10% up every year across the world to reach more than $48 billions value in 2014. As everyone can’t invest in famous artists, buying artworks by emerging artists is a great way to start a collection and invest your money for the future.

People usually tell you to invest in stocks, real estate or other fixed deposit schemes but only few talk about art whereas collecting art is one of the most unique and enjoyable investments.

At present, art is as hot an investment as real estate due to the vibrant art scene and emerging artists in the international market. The returns are as good if not better, provided one invests in the right artists at the right price. It is much easier to invest in art, one can invest in small or big amounts suiting one’s investible surplus. Good aesthetics and some business sense – that is all that takes to make a smart investment in art.

Based on this interesting article on Artnews, only 0.5 percent of the art market is located above $1 million, so there’s room for less well-heeled players to get into the game and invest on emerging artists. With the help of Internet it’s now very easy to discover and compare new emerging artists, to make contact and evaluate their potential!

As this market is very competitive it’s very important for you and your investment to make sure that the artist is doing everything to promote himself and his work so as to raise his value and your money!

But don’t forget that buying art is less risky than investing your money in financial assets and that you can often leverage your art investments with tax reductions and maximize your return on that investment.

Leverage your investments by buying my artworks

In less than 18 months since I started as a photographer, I proved that my artworks are recognized and distinguished across the world. If you peek in my resume, you can see than I reached more than 60 distinctions in the greatest worldwide photography competitions under the patronage of FIAP / PSA / UPI organizations.

I was also finalist at the Moscow International Foto Awards in October 2014, was chosen to attend the photo reportage VISA Off festival of Perpignan. I’m also now referenced in Der Greif Art Magazine, the #1 worldwide Art Magazine, was exhibited in Cairo, Beijing, Johannesburg, Munich and Vienna, and I’ll be this year at the Paris Art Shopping Salon, the Montreux Art Gallery and Affordable Art fair in Hamburg.

The 3 art fairs I attend this year with PAKS Gallery

For all these reasons my value as an artist is growing fast and my work is getting more and more recognized. Buying now my artworks is a valuable investment for your money and will guarantee a good return on that investment.

Now it’s time for you and me to work together

Traveling and taking time to meet people to document their life require a lot of time and of money. That’s why I need now to fund all my new projects!

Only one month to buy 5 artworks at discount price!For example I plan to be back in Asia and more particularly in Burma because I’ve heard so many beautiful things about this country. I also plan to go for the first time in Peru because I was told this country is beautiful. I’d also like to go back in Egypt to see how things are doing there since my last visit in December 2013, to Malawi and Zambia and wherever my feet can lead me.

But the next big project is to go to Namibia in total autonomy with my backpack for one month this August to specially work on landscapes and nature photography.

To fund all these fantastic projects, I just want to sell my artworks. All my pictures are available in 30 limited editions, signed and authenticated.

Every month starting this May I’ll put on sale – on this page – 5 selected artworks with a special 20% discount for one month only. Only one edition of each artwork is available in this limited time and at this price.

First come, first served! 

My statement as a photographer

I can see that you are every month more and more to visit my website to look at my work. It’s really heart-warming! It’s very difficult being an artist to know if what I do speaks to people. It can speaks to the heart, to the mind or to the brain, but the most important is that the audience feels something by watching the artworks. And most important, the photos don’t need to be explained to understand the meaning or the story behind.

That’s why it’s so difficult for me to talk about my pictures, probably because my work is so personal that it’s difficult to share how I felt when I shot.

By the way, I know now that meeting new people and new cultures, traveling to see something different is really what I want to do in my life. I think it’s very important to show people something different of what we’re used to watch at TV. Life is not only war, bombing, economic crisis, sectarianism, storms… we’re all human, we share the same dreams, we all seek happiness and a better life but money and TV corrupt everything in this world.

This website is the result of this statement, a platform to share with you my photos from this world, far from what we are used to see usually. Our media world is invaded by meaningless fashion photoshopped photographs or by pictures whose aim is to shock because that’s the best way to become quickly famous… for a ephemeral time only… This is definitely not my way of living nor of thinking.

Convinced? Come to take a look on my Special Offer Page of the month!

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