Special Art for sale offer is online! Investing your money in emerging artists worth it, don’t miss it

A new step has come, Art for sale now on this website!

Only one month to buy 5 artworks at discount price!

I launched this morning a page dedicated to my Art for sale with 5 first pictures and a special 20% discount for 1 month only. This page will be updated every month with 5 new pictures and the 20% discount.

It’s a good occasion for you to start a collection of Art and to invest your money. Art market is one of the fast growing market since 2008, more than real estate and financial markets and is really enjoyable since you can mix fun, taste for nice artworks while growing its value and your investment.

Since more than 1 year that you follow this blog and my work, you know that I’ve reached a good recognition on the art market by receiving more than 65 distinctions during international competitions, attending some of the most famous photography festival, exhibiting my pictures in Chine, Egypt, South Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Swiss and more to come soon.

I’m also referenced in Der Greif Magazine, ranked the #1 art magazine in 2014 in the world at the Lucie Awards, was live on one of the biggest Egyptian channel TV to talk about my work and I was finalist at the Moscow International Foto Awards in 2 categories, Architecture and Children.

As an emerging artist it’s the good time for you to buy some of my artworks. They’re still affordable but it won’t last as my recognition is growing fast as the price of my works.

That’s why I want to offer you every month the opportunity to acquire a selection of 5 of my artworks with a special 20% discount, signed, authenticate and in limited editions. Every picture at the special 20% discount is available in only 1 copy!

Don’t miss it and order directly on this page.

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