Images Singulières festival of Sète – A pleasant discovery!

While I was in France last may to prepare my exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris, I spent 1 day to visit a festival dedicated to the photography in the beautiful city of Sète, a port along the Mediterranean sea in the south of France.

An unexpected festival with stunning exhibitions halls!

This 8th edition of the ImageSingulières festival hosted photographers from Europe (Belgium, Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, France) and from Chile and USA.

Since its beginning the festival is specialized into documentary photographs that is something, for me, between the reportage and the fine art. I mean photos are not as bloody as when you visit the VISA pour l’image Festival of Perpignan and not as contemporary as you can see at Arles Festival.

ImageSingulieres Sete festivalThis Sète festival showcases  a very good balance between Fine art and documentary and some pictures were really breathtaking! I was very surprised to see such powerful works highlighted in very special places.

As I told you, Sète is a port. That’s why there are many hangars surrounding the old city. Those buildings are often more than 100m long, large by 30m minimum and more than 15m high. The soil is sand made and while the harbor is declining since more than 30 years, most of those buildings are now abandoned because not suitable to the modern requirements or needs.

The great idea of the festival is to use some of those buildings as exhibition halls and the result is… really magical and an ideal showcase for all the artworks! The walls are very old, grainy and yellowish but really suitable to highlight the pictures. They’re places where I’d really love to exhibit my artworks!

May be one day but, remember this festival and I invite you to take a look in May 2016 for the next edition!

My photo outing

Sète is know as the french Venice, with small canals crossing in the city giving this unusual sensation to live on the sea. Most of the 50 000 people of Sète live thanks to the port, some as fishermen, others as dockers, sailors or at the shipyards.

But this is also a city where famous artists are born and lived and practiced their art, like the singers Georges Brassens, Manitas de Plata, the writer Paul Valery and the painter Pierre Soulages.  

There’s something special in this city, an inspiring atmosphere that magnify art creation! The direct view over the sea from every houses should probably help to this!

Modern villas and old townhouses are mixed in this atmosphere and every corner show something different to the visitor. It’s like a paradise for a photographer to get lost by walking in those small streets. People are gentle and they take time to guide you or talk with you.

At the end of the day I was very pleased to visit for the first this beautiful city with lovely people! You should visit this place and have lunch in one of the fish restaurants along the docks!

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