A photographic walk in the streets of Johannesburg

A perfect day in a paradise for photographers!

There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice walk with a great photographer friend of mine in the street of a big city!

I remember 2 years ago during a talk in Paris about an educative and artistic project whose goal was to give the opportunity to young south african kids living in the townships to hold a camera and to take pictures. I remember that day when I almost cried when I saw the pictures of Lungile Zuma, a boy living in Thokoza and whose photos were breathtaking!

That very day, I decided that I’ve to meet that boy!

I met Lungile for the first time last year in July 2014 at the Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg. We talked a bit and we’re in contact since that day. And today we decided to spend all the day together around Park Station in Johannesburg downtown.

We talked a lot, he showed me his last works and… he remains, for me, one of the most talented young photographer I’ve ever met!

I decided to open this blog to new and emerging photographers, to help them to promote their works because the more I travel and the more I meet talented photographers who deserved to be shown to the world! And Lungile will be my first guest in here later this week!

Meanwhile, let me show you the result of this day with Lungile, a shoot from the streets of Johannesburg where only few “white” people dare to go. Shame on them…

A nice walk in the street of Johannesburg downton

1 Comment on A photographic walk in the streets of Johannesburg

  1. Heartwarming, well done. What a great attitude:)

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