It’s winter season in Johannesburg. Do you have your warm blanket?

Welcome back in the streets of Newtown in Johannesburg. It’s end of July here but as it’s in southern hemisphere, that’s winter season here!

Most of people don’t use heaters here, because the weather is not cold enough or they’re not used to. Winter season is really sweet here because it’s sunny and dry during 3 full months.

Temperatures during the day are really comfortable, around 23°C thanks to the sun. However the nights are a bit cold, around 2 – 4°C. But with a warm blanket and a duvet it’s all fine.

You see many blanket stores while you walk in the streets of Johannesburg. Those shops sell anything to warm you up during the long nights. And as you can see, there’s no heater in the stores, that’s why this seller wears warm hood on his head! It’s a must have here!

Carpet store in the streets of Johannesburg

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