Why you need to be prepared for flat tyre during your photography trip

Tyre repair, your best friend in Namibia!

There’s one good thing in Africa, you’re never alone for too long and there’s always someone who comes from nowhere to help you! It happened 5 times in 3 weeks during my trip in Namibia and 2 times was about flat tyres.

Namibia has very good road infrastructures. Most of the road are tracks (38 000 km tracks VS 4 000 km paved roads) but even the smallest tracks are in very good condition. But while the tracks are good you’ll inevitably have at least 1 flat tyre during your trip. And I had two in 3 days only!

Nevertheless I was fortunate enough to notice them very quickly and every single time at a fuel station! Yes I know, I’m very lucky! Just imagine if you’ve a flat tyre in the middle of a big and long slope… how difficult it could be to repair…

Well, I can bet that repair tyres is a good business in Namibia and probably in all Africa because you’ll have flat tyre during your trip, I promise! Some people we met had 5 or 6 in only 2 weeks! And it’s not about how you drive, it’s only about chance or bad luck.

Tyre repair shop in nambiaMy first flat tyre was probably due to a hidden stone that bumped against my rear left tyre when I was driving fast on a flat and good track just before arriving at the petrol station in Betta!

Thankfully someone just appeared from nowhere and was a great help to change the wheel. As the tyre was unrepairable, I made it changed 3 days later at the Namib Garage in Aus and I was charged N$2800 (around 220€) for this .

Second flat tyre was due to a mining shrapnel hidden on the road that pierced the tyre in 3 different locations. But the tyre was repairable and was charged N$180 (14€) only, including service!

So, keep in mind that the question is not whether you have a flat tyre , but when and where!! And be also prepared to change your wheels by yourself! That’s part of the joy 🙂

4 Comments on Why you need to be prepared for flat tyre during your photography trip

  1. Or maybe they developed a smart business 😉 you need a repair when you run flat … I let you think about the proximity of a helpful rescue :-p

  2. We had tyre changing on the landrover down to an art till we had two flats at once and had to wait till the spare could be replaced 🙂
    Landrover sans wheel.

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