[Black friday] Sony RX100 – The offer of the day

I’m often asked about the best compact camera to buy to have fun with photography. You already know that I’m a big fan of the Ricoh GR but I also know that this camera is not for everyone’s hands because it’s really an expert camera and is not made for beginners though it has the best ergonomics on the market.

The best camera to start having fun in photography

That’s why I always recommend the Sony RX100 (I or II or III depending your needs) because it’s a very compact camera with a great 1″ sensor. The size of the sensor is the most important key to consider because this is the point for great pictures and start to play with the depth of field.

The best compact camera Sony RX100 The best compact camera Sony RX100

Take a look at this wikipedia chart (The 1″ format is labelled Nikon CX. Chart by Moxfyre under the CC-BY-SA license). All phone cameras and most of compact cameras carry sensors smaller than 1/2.3″.

Sensor_sizesWith such small sensors it’s impossible to highlight a visage by putting out of focus what’s around for example. Every details in a picture taken with a phone or a compact camera are always in focus. So boring, so annoying. That’s why I do hate taking pictures with such bad and small sensors.

But the Sony RX100 is a 1″ sensor. This is a huge improvement and that’s why for the first time a compact camera can compete with DSLR camera. This sensor is gorgeous, the lens is very good and sharp and the body really thin.

And for once, this camera is now under 300€ for today only on Amazon! If you want to buy a great camera (probably the best compact camera on date), just buy this one!

But hurry up, it’s only today!

The best compact camera Sony RX100

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