The show is over, long live the SPECTRUM!

How I showcased my photos in the biggest art show in america!

It’s big, it’s in the US, it’s very busy, this is Art!

Because everything comes to an end, the SPECTRUM Miami Art Show is now over after 5 very busy days and visitors coming from all around the world to visit the Art Miami week, the biggest Art show in Americas!

I can barely describe how busy the SPECTRUM was! Tonight I’m now voiceless because I almost never stopped talking with the visitors eager to know more about my 12 photos exhibited or the artworks showcased on the beautiful MECENAVIE booth, voted this Sunday Best International Exhibitor!

A really deserved Award for such a hard work to organize and send and represent overseas more than 15 European and South America artists! I’m telling you, this is a non-stop work since last Tuesday and for 1 week, from the reception of the crate coming from Paris to the shipping back to France tomorrow Monday!

To give you an example how difficult it’s to organize such a booth, an Italian gallery had its artworks blocked 6 days at the customs at JFK. So their booth remained empty for 3 very looooong days as you can see on these pictures. How terrible when you know how expensive it’s to rent a booth here….

Fortunately, the artworks arrived only 30h late in Miami so we were able to hang the artworks soon enough to be ready for the opening last Wednesday.

The artistic choice were amazing with a large choice of paintings, sculptures and photographs of various styles from abstract to figurative artworks whether they’re black & white or colourful, using diverse techniques like oil, acrylic, spray, collage, tape, mixed media, film or digital!

The Pure Photography caught the eyes of many visitors!

I’m very glad and satisfied because many people stopped by all this week to view my pictures and showed great interest to know about the stories behind the pictures. The theme of my photo wall that was 3m x 2m big was “The streets“, as a summary of my last 2 years travelling in Africa to meet people and discover other ways of living with probably the sense we lost in our societies now based on money.

But also the streets as an open gallery with 2 pictures made of successive layers of colourful graffiti in contrast with the black and white pictures of the people living or shot in the streets.

I’m glad because visitors took the time to hear about the stories, showing interest to understand and hear the testimonies I brought back from my travels. I think it’s very important to take pictures of these people who are still living away from the big cities because it’s a rare opportunity for them to show that we can not own anything and be full of happiness.

And it’s very important that the people in our developed countries hear and understand their messages.

They don’t necessary need our money and our technologies. They most of the time just want to continue to live as their ancestors were used to live. But for that we must take care about our planet because these people are the first to be impacted by the climate change and by the pollution!

Thank you very much to all the visitors who took the time to hear about my story and the stories behind my pictures! I hope you enjoyed my work and hope to see you soon back here in Miami!

A last word to conclude… if you’re an artist, a gallery or even a client, never work or deal with Artisan Direct, ltd! The director is a thief who steals money from the artists he represents, he sells a service he doesn’t provide, tells you that you’re showcased at a fair but you are not and if you disagree he threats you!

If you’re a victim of this thief, please share your testimony in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations for the exhibition, Guilhem !

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