Yet another rainy day in Key West

Another clue of Climate Change

Climate change is here and it’s really serious! Who on earth can decently deny the climate changes to something we can’t imagine nor control yet? Climate change is soon in our daily life and in a close future people shall have to migrate for a safer place.

Is climate change a fatality?

Everywhere the oceans rise and I can see everyday beaches in south of France narrower year after year. A more recent example is the weather in Florida since 2 weeks.

Winter in Miami is usually dry and very sunny. A perfect weather for tourism when elsewhere the weather is cold and snowy. But this year and during the Art Basel, we suffered a rainy and humid weather all week long.

As in Key West where I just spent 2 days and it rained most of the time and the wind was blowing hard, except at the end of the day yesterday when the sun appeared for 1 or 2 hours and gave the opportunity to see of part of the sky!

The day after, rain was back and I drove 4h under the heavy rains up to Miami… I hate climate change….

One day in Key West, the southernmost point of the US

I do believe that humankind will find a way to fight the climate change and to limit its pollution. But it’s a terrible and long fight and everyone on our blue planet must be part of the fight!

Key West is a beautiful place, if we don’t do anything in less than 30 years the place will probably be under the water





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