It’s good to see the snow again and wear my skis!

This year I’m back in my Pyrénées mountains after 2 years travelling in Africa. 3 years without seeing the snow or wearing my skis… this was really too long for me!

But this year I intend to stay 3 or 4 months in the mountains, taking pictures of the nature and of people skiing, meeting my friends I last met more than 10 years ago, before I leave to live in Paris…

It’s good to be back home and to stay here a while before travelling again somewhere around the planet! Thanks to the snow falls last month, all the ski slopes are open now in Font Romeu / Pyrénées 2000 ski station and skiers are back too!

More important, it’s the first time since 5 years that I use again my flash to take portraits. I usually only practice instant photography and I never use the flash. But this year I want to master this kind of photography.

I met here 2 photographers whose work is to take pictures of people skiing and who taught me more about the flash photography. And I’ve to say that… I’ve some fun by using it!

Here is one of my first shots, I hope to get better in the next weeks but it’s not too bad for a first test.

May the snow be with us!

What do you think? Do you often use a flash in your photographs?


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