Street Welding – A journey in Johannesburg

A new image today from my journey in Johannesburg last year. I went in the streets of this city with a friend of mine, Lungile Zuma who is one of the best young street photographer I’ve ever met.

We went deep downtown to visit shops and street markets, watching people working and take pictures.

A nice walk in the street of Johannesburg downton

I sent this picture – Street Welding – for a portfolio review at the Magnum Photography Awards 2016 and get a very positive feedback.

The guy you see in the light is making some welding to repair kind of electronic devices while talking with some of his friends. They were all very busy and didn’t notive I was taking a picture.

“I truly enjoy the composition and emotion from this image. The lighting is beautifully seen and dramatically silhouetting the figures within the image. The perspective in which the photograph was made is also compelling- you are shooting from a corner, and distorting the, what I presume to be, a flat space.

You are really using the camera in a way that is activating the frame, and drawing the viewer’s eyes to the figures in the corner. I really appreciate how you are addressing the idea of public vs. private spaces: You are creating a private and intimate moment within an open space.

The darkness enveloping the figures also creates a sense of urgency, even danger perhaps, which also enhances this idea of the domestic vs. public domain.”

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