My pictures in limited editions now with Saatchi Art!

Artetic with saatchi

Artetic by Guilhem Ribart with Saatchi art

Following several weeks of test and searches, I’m thrilled to announce that starting next year my artworks will be available in exclusivity on Saatchi Art website!

As you may know, Saatchi Art is one of the world’s largest international online art galleries. Saatchi Art is selling and shipping artworks through the world in over 80 countries.

I’ve started to upload my artworks 2 weeks ago  on my account so you can now visit my collections here.

I intend to upload 2 pictures every week so as to you show something new every week!

As usual all my artworks are printed by the best printer in France, Art Photo Lab, located near Paris and who is used to take in charge the prints for the many major photo events in France.

Pictures are printed in 30 limited editions, (10 in 40cm x 60cm / 10 in 60cm x 90cm / and 10 in larger size), every single print is manually controlled before and after and a varnish is applied in order to guarantee a long hold over time (more than 100 years) and a magnificent visual rendering!

Finally, every single picture is authenticated and carefully send all over the world!

Don’t wait and check my collections right now and order a beautiful gift for Christmas! It’s still time to order!

1 Comment on My pictures in limited editions now with Saatchi Art!

  1. Awesome! Congratulations at getting recognition for your work. Well deserved!

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