Beautiful St Lucia Wetland Park !

Southern Africa is an heaven for animals and wildlife! Saint Lucia is a amazing spot in South Africa where you can see whales, dolphins in the Indian ocean and, in the other side, hippopotamus and crocodile down the river! All along the coast is the St Lucia Wetland Park where you can see some of the biggest animals on earth, including Rhinos, buffaloes, elephants and leopards!

Amazing picture of sunset in south africa

Beautiful sunset over the national park, heaven for hippopotamus and crocodile

I took this picture during a safari cruise one the river dedicated to the crocodiles and the hippopotamus. Sunsets there are really amazing, probably the most beautiful I’ve ever watched with the Namibian ones!

Don’t forget, you like wildlife and whales, come to Saint Lucia!

1 Comment on Beautiful St Lucia Wetland Park !

  1. eyeallureblog // 17 August 2017 at 11:17 AM // Reply

    Hey I loved reading about your travels !

    Be sure to read my recent travel to Porto santo here :

    Lots of love ,

    Charlotte xoxo

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