My distinguished pictures

I attended many international Photography competitions since 2013, all under the patronage of the FIAP / PSA / GPU (ex UPI) organizations. Those organizations are the biggest and most famous photographers organizations in the world and their patronages mean that the distinctions and awards collected are recognized by all the photographic industry (photographers, galleries, curators, investors and collectors).

The 3 greatest photographic organizations in the world

I won more than 70 distinctions within the “Portrait, Children, People, Nature,  Photojournalism, Urban, Architecture” categories in 21 competitions organized in more than 15 countries:

Australia | Bahrain | Belgium | Bulgaria | China | Egypt | France | Greece | Holland | Macedonia | Montenegro | Saudi Arabia | Serbia | Turkey | Russia

List of the competitions:

International exhibition of art photography MOMENT  |  Olympic photo circuit  |  International Biennial for Photographic Art  |  Soul 2014  |  5th PSA CHINA  |  Holland International Image Circuit  |  2nd greek Photos circuit  |  EIP AWARD  |  MOF 2013 International Photography Exhibition  |  2nd EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT  |  Sydney Harbour International  |  ADRIATIC EXHIBITION 2014  |  2nd Olympic photo circuit  |  Belgrade International Salon 2014  |  9th French Digital Tour 2014  |  Middle East Grand circuit  |  3th Greek circuit 2015  |  PCA SALON Grand Exhibition  |  PCA SALON Balkan Dream  |  PCA EXHIBITION ADRIATIC 2015  |  PCA PHOTO WINNER 2015

8 Comments on My distinguished pictures

  1. These are great! I love them.

  2. Some really excellent photography!

  3. great black & white pictures.

  4. I think that she lion looks fairly uninterested 😀

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