Pure photography !

The impertinentAn amateur photographer since 2005, then a Fine Art photographer since 2011 at the time of my first exhibition, then a professionnal photographer in 2013, I’ve made out of my passion an art of living that regularly leads me on the roads to meet new people and cultures.

I like contrasts and this can be felt throughout my work. Very dark photographs follow very bright ones. Besides, one can quite often find strong dichotomies on the same photo

Yet if I’m fond of emphasizing colours and contrasts, no other modification is made. The framings are most often those that come out from my camera and no detail is added or suppressed.

If a more and more contemporaneous photographers retouch their photographs, I choose, on the opposite, not to cheat with the picture nor to betray my framings and characters.

It is therefore a non altered work only based on arrangements and contrasts that is here offered to you without any cheating.

Enjoy your visit and please send me a word !

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