Contemporary photography

I think therefore I am…

Are graffiti artists the last true contemporary artists? I like how graffiti can be full of imagination! People who draw them are, in my mind, the true contemporary artists. They don’t spend hours to think about their next artwork and they [...]

19 May 2015

Playing with lights and shadows

Turtledoves on duty! I decided last morning to take advantage of a beautiful light and the shadows of 2 cute turtledoves posed on the railing of the terrace by sunrise. I love the way how the shadows are reflecting on the wall inside the [...]

27 January 2015

A romantic smell of perfumed glasses

Sometime, there’s nothing to say but to feel the atmosphere! I don’t have a lot to say today about this picture. It’s more something relaxing, quiet with the sun going through the dirty windows to enlighten these 2 old bottles. [...]

25 November 2014

Conceptual Art

As I didn’t yet taken any picture outside the place where I stay in Johannesburg, I’m back to my first love: Conceptual photography in Black & White! I won’t tell you what the subject of this picture is, but feel free to try [...]

7 July 2014