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Something crazy happened that night….

You’re now more than 7 000 fans of my Facebook page that I started 6 months ago! It’s so HUGE, so quick! Unbelievable! Thank you everyone, I’m very happy to know you love my images! Be sure I keep posting pictures as many as I can [...]

27 June 2014

Facebook – Your favorite pictures!

As many of you, I’ve got a facebook page where I usually post the pictures that I don’t judge good enough to be posted on this website. But sometimes I realize afterwards that these pictures appear to please a lot of people! Starting [...]

13 June 2014 one month later….

Last year in June 2013 I created my first blog on Tumblr blogging’s platform. Less than 1 year later, last March, I decided to switch from Tumblr to WordPress to get better blogging options and nicest design. What about 1 month after this [...]

14 April 2014