Street Art

Come to visit a secret place in Paris dedicated to Street Art!

I give you today this new (old) serie I made beginning of 2013 about graffiti around Paris in hidden places that only few people know and can access. Of course I won’t tell where this place here because I know that the artists who draw them don’t want to be disturbed and don’t want get publicized or recognized. But for sure, those graffiti are by far among the most beautiful I ever seen in Paris and its countryside.

As the place is very quiet, the artists can take their time to polish and mix a lot of different colors. The most amazing is the respect of the graffiti. Once one is completed it can remain intact for months before someone else cover it to make a new one. Or sometimes the graffiti is included in a wider composition as a part of it.

I do like this place! I’m not usually a great fan of graffiti and street art, but those artists here just have fun by drawing beautiful painting over the walls! I really hope that their talents will be recognized and that one day they’ll let people come into that place!

3 Comments on Street Art

  1. It’s so alive and colourful, I’ve always admired how they can turn grey walls into a gallery of art.
    Great shots, hope you get to take more shots in the future.

  2. It’s like a time capsule, capturing this art as it happens, the voice of the people.

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