Special Art for sale offer – May 2015

The limited art for sale offer!

As announced in one of my previous post here, today is the launch of this special page dedicated to art for sale that will be updated every month with 5 new pictures that you can help me to choose in the comments of this page.

Those 5 monthly pictures are on sale with a special 20% discount valid for one month only. Only one edition of each artwork is available in this limited time and at this price. First come, first served! 

Every single photo is printed on the best papers – most of the time Baryte – and best Epson printers and inks. Printings are guaranteed 100 years but if something happens to your artworks, I will send you a new copy against the damaged one. Every edition is limited to 30 printings maximum as the following: 15 editions in 40 x 60 cm, 10 editions in 60 x 90 cm and 5 more for size above or below.

You can pay by using the Paypal buttons directly under each picture and you can choose whether you pay with your Paypal account or with VISA or Master cards. Please be aware that the printings come without frame and that price of the delivery is estimated around $75 by using DHL worldwide delivery service depending your location.

Do not hesitate to use the contact form below if you have any questions or want a quotation including delivering price. As I supervise myself every single printing and that I’m often on the roads or between 2 flights, I may require time to answer or to be able to print and send the prints. So, don’t be surprised if I don’t answer in the following day to your questions 🙂

The selection of the month

This month and as a beginning I chose these 5 pictures from various locations around the world.

  • Ténèbre” is from the St Germain en Laye military base which house the general command of French army of the Parisian area. The tower you can see is the one used for the army communications.
  • Oh temps suspends ton vol” is a beautiful stop of the time in Morocco during a billiard game in a bar dedicated to games. You can appreciate the beautiful bokeh of the 50mm prime Pentax Lens, wide open at f/1.7 and manually controlled for both focusing and exposition.
  • Brume” is a shoot of the Victoria Falls in Zambia with a focus on a small fall in the middle of the magnificent waterfalls
  • Big blue” and “Yellow plot” are details of big graffiti painted in a secret location around Paris that only few people know, and it’s better like this because it’s the best way to secure those artistic treasures!

Tenebres artworks taken in St Germain en Lays, FranceTénèbres (Darkness)   |   St Germain en Laye, France / 2007 – 60 x 40 cm – $400


Use of small depth of field at a pool gameOh Temps, suspends ton vol (Oh time, suspend your flight)   |   Meknes, Morocco / 2011 – 60 x 40 cm – $600


Victoria fall, the most amazing waterfalls I've ever see in my whole life!Brume (Fog)   |   Victoria Falls, Zambia / 2012 – 60 x 40 cm – $600


Art of Street Art around ParisBig Blue   |   Paris, France / 2013 – 60 x 40 cm – $400


Art of Street Art around ParisYellow plot   | Paris, France / 2013 – 60 x 40 cm – $400

Leverage your investments by buying my artworks

In less than 18 months since I started as a photographer, I proved that my artworks are recognized and distinguished across the world. If you peek in my resume, you can see than I reached more than 60 distinctions in the greatest worldwide photography competitions under the patronage of FIAP / PSA / UPI organizations.

I was also finalist at the Moscow International Foto Awards in October 2014, was chosen to attend the photo reportage VISA Off festival of Perpignan. I’m also now referenced Der Greif Art Magazine, the #1 worldwide Art Magazine, was exhibited in Cairo, Beijing, Johannesburg, Munich and Vienna, and I’ll be this year at the Paris Art Shopping Salon, the Montreux Art Gallery and Affordable Art fair in Hamburg.

The 3 art fairs I attend this year with PAKS Gallery

For all these reasons my value as an artist is growing fast and my work is getting more and more recognized. Buying now my artworks is a valuable investment for your money and will guarantee a good return on that investment.

Want some more details or to order a printing? Use the contact form below!

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