Photo of the day: Blue Hole

I love Meknes, this beautiful city in northern central Morocco! There are so much to visit in this city which was once the capital under the reign of Sultan Mouay Ismaël. I love the people there, I love walking in the colorful streets of the old [...]

14 August 2016

A photo journey in the Middle Atlas

Photographers trip high in the Moroccan mountains! Back in july 2013 at the Festival of Arts of Meknès, we went all for a full day in Aguelmous, a lovely remote city far in the mountains of the middle Atlas, in Morocco. Weather was very hot and the [...]

28 October 2014

Ramadan Airport

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last post here 😦 I’m now in Johannesburg since more than 1 week and I enjoy very much my time there! I’ve not started yet to take pictures cause I still need to get used with the South African [...]

6 July 2014

Farmer works in Morocco

I was yesterday in the countryside around Khemisset (Morocco) to take photos in the evening with a friend of mine. The evening was very nice, not too cold nor hot contrasting with the very hot afternoon we had that day. Khemisset is a small sized [...]

15 June 2014