A cross in the crypt

Let me introduce today a view from the crypt of the Abbey of St Martin du Canigou in the french Pyrénées mountains. This abbey is very famous because it’s isolated in the mountains below the Canigou peak and is dated from 10th century. I [...]

15 October 2014

Flooding in south of France

You may don’t know but south of France is facing heavy and successive flooding since 3 weeks especially in the region of Montpellier and Nîmes. The countryside of Perpignan has also been impacted but far less than expected. Since the last 5 [...]

12 October 2014

Silent contemplation

There is one fenced site in Perpignan close to the train station that is a former bus depot now abandoned. I don’t exactly what the man we see was doing there but he stayed almost 5mn, in the middle of the road, staring at this site and paying [...]

9 October 2014

Face à face

You know how much I like street photography and the spontaneity of this practice! This kind of photo is so easy to take, the most difficult is the moment and the composition because of course nothing has been prepared and it’s a pure moment [...]

6 September 2014

VISA Off 2014, let’s get it started!

The time has come! Next week the VISA Off festival is starting! Agenda is very busy with the opening to the audience on August 30 and closing on September 13th.  The festival has already started for me last Friday with the reception of my [...]

25 August 2014