south africa

The Market Photo Workshop

I visited today a very big Art teaching acamedy in the center of Johannesburg, founded in 1989 by David Goldblatt a world-renowned photographer . The place stands in a kind of former factory that is now dedicated to teach Art to the inhabitants. [...]

16 July 2014

Man VS Wild

I was today in a park named the “Lion’s park” not far away from Johannesburg we reached by car in less than 30 mn. Nature there is not really what we call “Wild“, it’s more like a zoo and you cross the park by [...]

13 July 2014

Siyakwamukela ku-Johannesburg!!

Please welcome this first picture from the street of Johannesburg! It was so impressive to me to get outside the mall where I stood that afternoon and take time to walk down the streets. Well… I must admit that I was in a very safe area and [...]

11 July 2014

Conceptual Art

As I didn’t yet taken any picture outside the place where I stay in Johannesburg, I’m back to my first love: Conceptual photography in Black & White! I won’t tell you what the subject of this picture is, but feel free to try [...]

7 July 2014