• 1 week travel in Liwa, Abu dhabi UAE

    Liwa, the million dollar course in the desert of UAE

    I was last Christmas in UAE, invited by a very good friend of mine who lives there since more than 30 years! We spent an amazing Christmas there, mostly in the desert with locals. And then she took us to the desert, at the border with Saudi Arabia, at Liwa, a resort place for emirs of the whole area where they meet for 1 week for a camel course in the desert! Thousands of camels and people gather [...]
  • Amazing Heraklion

    4th GPU Festival – Welcome to Creta!

    As you already know, I’m a member of the GPU, one of the 3 biggest photo organisation in the world with the FIAP and the PSA federations. GPU organizes a great photo festival every 2 years and invites all the members to join for a week somewhere in the world. This year the festival took place in Creta (Greece) for a 5 days cruise in the Greek islands and 3 days to visit Creta, a beautiful [...]
  • Check out all guilhem Ribart artworks on saatchi art

    My pictures in limited editions now with Saatchi Art!

    Following several weeks of test and searches, I’m thrilled to announce that starting next year my artworks will be available in exclusivity on Saatchi Art website! As you may know, Saatchi Art is one of the world’s largest international online art galleries. Saatchi Art is selling and shipping artworks through the world in over 80 countries. I’ve started to upload my artworks [...]
  • An instant photography during a Sotho women celebration

    Magnum Photography Awards 2016 – Submission Review

    There is one thing really important in the life of a photographer: an external review and point of view of a portfolio. This is essential because it is a good help to provide advices and improve in the making of my photograph and their processing. I attended this year a major competition, the “Magnum Photography Awards 2016“, organized by the famous LensCulture community. I [...]
  • LensCulture reviewer feedback of my work

    LensCulture reviewer feedback of my work

    I just get this awesome feedback by a LensCulture reviewer of my series “African Portraits” in the beginning. “Lensculture is a photography network and online magazine about contemporary photography in art, media, politics, commerce and popular cultures worldwide: “a resource to keep up with the latest trends and debates in contemporary photography”. In addition to [...]
In the spotlight today

Amazing dunes of Abu Dhabi

Desert is beautiful and amazing! I love it! That’s the perfect place to take photos because you can play with infinite landscapes and the light! Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, very colored and with strong contrasts as I like them! I show [...]

My artworks now on Saatchi!

Now available on Saatchi Art!

Now available!

Limited edition on sale!

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  • The day before Ramadan at the Casablanca Airport
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